The Ladies of the Lodge

Our Lodge is a fraternal organization and therefore “Men only” in terms of membership. The long-standing Masonic tradition of restricting membership to men is based on the historical all male membership of stonemasons guilds. During the Middle Ages, men traveled far from home and lived in lodges while constructing great cathedrals throughout Europe.

However in Freemasonry, as in all other areas of life, women play an important role. Freemasonry itself is not purely restricted to men and the opportunities for women to participate in Freemasonry are widespread and women have their own “women only” Masonic-related organizations. The moral and ethical values that Freemasonry encourages are universal and not gender-based.

The Lodge of St. George is not only made up of its Freemason members, but includes in a holistic sense the entire “family” of its members. The  “ladies of the Lodge”, or rather the wives, girlfriends, partners and even daughters of our Members are an essential, vital and integral part of Lodge life and a pillar in the fabric of the institution.  Freemasons can only attend to their Masonic responsibilities with the support and encouragement of their partners.  The health and well being of a Freemason’s family is as important to the other members of the Lodge as the health and well being of the Freemason himself.  

The “Ladies of the Lodge” play just as vital a role in the success of the Lodge as the men.  There are dedicated events which the Lodge organizes to which women play a central role:  from a gala dinner or “Ladies Night” held especially in honor of our ladies, to numerous social and charity events where our women participate alongside our men.  Our women even have their own special events to which the men are not invited!  Freemasonry places a major emphasis on family values and we are proud to have our women take such a central role in the Lodge’s activities.