St. George special events and social occasions

The Lodge of St. George holds a number of special events and social occasions each year. These include the Ladies Night held in March / April and the White Table night held in December The Ladies Night usually takes the form of a black tie dinner in venues such as the Tanglin Club or the Singapore Cricket Club.  The lady of the Worshipful Master typically makes the most important address of the evening.  

The annual White Table Night is held after the Lodge’s December Regular Meeting and typically carries a Christmas festive theme as the Lodge brings the calendar year to a close.  ​Ladies, as well as guests and prospective candidates are invited. 

Other, less formal occasions include quarterly social evenings, sports events and wine and cheese tasting. There are frequent Beer and Curry evenings (where prospective members are invited to come along). 

The Lodge also recently held its first meeting in Australia, being held in Perth WA on Saturday 18th February 2017.