Who We Are

The Lodge of St. George is a “lodge” of Freemasons established in Singapore and which meets under the supervising authority of the United Grand Lodge of England, the oldest Grand Lodge of ancient Freemasons in the World.  We are one of the oldest lodges in Asia, having celebrated our 150th Anniversary in 2017. ​ For more information on what a lodge is, see the section “What We Do”.
The Lodge meets twelve times a year on the fourth Friday of each month (earlier in December) at Freemasons’ Hall, 23A Coleman Street, Singapore. Our regular meetings usually start at 6.30pm and progress to a Festive Board (the name given to the dinner that follows a Masonic meeting – for us this is typically a formal four course dinner with wine), which is generally concluded by 10.45pm.  After this Brethren are free to adjourn to the bar of the Masonic Club to socialise further.  

St. George is a formal dining Lodge and prides itself on maintaining its rich traditions passed down through many generations. The Lodge is characterized by its warmth and the friendship shared by our members who span all age groups, ethnic and social backgrounds.  Indeed, at our 150th anniversary in 2017 the Lodge comprised members of 18 different nationalities, making it one of the most diverse lodges in the World.  It combines a great blend of knowledge and experience with youthful enthusiasm and a desire to learn. Our meetings are enjoyable and informative, and each meeting concludes with good food and camaraderie, sometimes late into the evening!  We are well known for sharing our goodwill and friendly spirit with visitors from around the world.

Although we are part of a fraternity of Freemasons that extends around the globe, each individual Masonic lodge has its own unique culture, character and identity.  We are no exception and are fiercely proud of our unique identity and 150+ year history.  Our evolution has gone hand in hand with the growth and development of the Island Nation that we call home and we are immensely proud of the contribution many of our members, past and present, have made to the development of Singapore – from a colonial trading post to a thriving, modern, cosmopolitan nation.  We look forward to extending to you our hospitality.